NAJA Best Paper Award

The American Fisheries Society Publications Award Committee recognizes one paper annually from each of the AFS journals as “Best Papers”.  The Fish Culture Section supports this effort to recognize excellence in scientific publication by providing winners of the Best Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture with a monetary award.

Best Papers

Dayan A. Perera, Ahmed Alsaqufi, Mei Shang, Donny C. Wade, Baofeng Su, Ahmed Elaswad, Michael Fobes, Renee Beam, Gemerlyn Garcia, David A. Dunn, Elizabeth A. Lipke & Rex A. Dunham. 2017. Xenogenesis-Production of Channel Catfish × Blue Catfish Hybrid Progeny by Fertilization of Channel Catfish Eggs with Sperm from Triploid Channel Catfish Males with Transplanted Blue Catfish Germ Cells, North American Journal of Aquaculture, 79(1):61-74, DOI: 10.1080/15222055.2016.1221008

D’Abramo, L.R.  2015.  Preharvest feeding strategy to enhance long-chain polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of the tail muscle of Freshwater Prawns Macrobrachium rosenbergii grown in earthen ponds.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 77:1-7.

Bosworth, B.G. 2012.  Effects of winter feeding on growth body composition and processing traits of co-cultured blue catfish Ictalurus furcatus channel catfish I. punctatus and channel catfish x blue catfish hybrids. North American Journal of Aquaculture 74(4):553-559.

Trushenski, J. T., J. Rosenquist, and B. Gause.  2011.  Growth performance, tissue fatty acid composition, and consumer appeal of rainbow trout on feeds containing terrestrial derived rendered fats.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 73:468-478.

Horne, A. N., N. Stone, and C. R. Engle.  2010.  Development of new intensive hatchery methods for rosy red fathead minnows.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 72:237-251.

Penney, R. W., M. J. Hart, P. L. Lush, and C. C. Parrish.  2009.  Effect of photoperiod advancement of Atlantic cod spawning on egg size and biochemistry.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 71:107:115.

Wise, D. J., T. R. Hanson, and C. S. Tucker. 2008.  Farm-level economic impacts of bolbophorus infections of channel catfish.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 70:382-387.

Ledfore, J. J., and A. M. Kelly.  2007.  A comparison of black carp, redear sunfish, and blue catfish as biological controls of snail populations.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 68:339-347.

Brinker, A., W. Koppe, and R. Rosch.  2006.  Optimizing trout farm effluent treatment by stabilizing trout feces.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 67:244-258.

Kelly, A., and C. C. Kohler.  Cold tolerance and fatty acid composition in striped bass, white bass, and their hybrids.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 61:278-285.