Aquaculture Application Notes

Not every finding or observation is suited to publication as a scientific article in the peer-reviewed literature, but anecdotes and preliminary investigations can be very useful. Aquaculture Application Notes are short web ‘publications’ similar to a technical note. Notes can address any aquaculture-related topic, and typically share a unique or novel approach to problems faced in fish culture in the farm or hatchery setting. Do you have a trick, tip, or handy ‘how-to’ you would like to share with others as an Aquaculture Application Note?  Check out our Guide to AAN Authors or contact us today!

AAN #1  Walleye Culture – Habituation to Feed in the Dark

AAN #2  Feed Training Largemouth Bass in Intensive Culture

AAN #3  Use of Isometamidium Chloride to Control Mortality of Adult Chinook Salmon Due to Cryptobia salmositica

AAN #4  Improving Salmon Aquaculture and Saving Money in a Water-reuse Circular-pond System with Aquamats

AAN #5  Different Feeding Strategies for Zebrafish Danio rerio May Affect Egg Fatty Acid Composition and Fertilization Success but Not Larval Growth or Survival

AAN #6  Improving Biosecurity by Making Disinfectant Use Cost Effective – A Disinfectant Reuse Box