Our Leadership

The Section is lead by the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past-President, but leadership in the Section extends well beyond the officers.  Our officers are assisted by various standing and ad-hoc committees, representatives, and liaisons.

Are you interested in joining a committee or serving the Section in other ways? Contact anyone on our leadership team to learn more.

FCS Officers, Committee Chairs, and Liaisons

President, Michelle “Mick” Walsh ([email protected])

President-Elect, Jeff Heindel ([email protected])

Secretary-Treasurer, Deb Eddy ([email protected])

Past-President, Steve Lochmann ([email protected])

Audit Committee C0-Chairs, Deb Eddy ([email protected]) and Mike Matthews ([email protected])

Newsletter Editor, Matt Wipf ([email protected])

Awards Committee C0-Chairs, Matt Cochran ([email protected]) and John Bowzer ([email protected])

Hall of Fame Committee Chair, Past-President

Membership Committee Chair, President

Nominating Committee Chair, Past-President

Professional Development and Resources Committee Chair, Mike Matthews ([email protected])

Program Committee Chair, President-Elect

Student Committee Chair, Adam Daw ([email protected])

Social Media and Promotion Committee Co-Chairs, Tim Bruce ([email protected]) and TBD

Triennial Program Committee Representative, Steve Lochmann ([email protected])

Triennial Steering Committee Representative, Mike Denson (densonm@dnr.sc.gov)

Webmaster,  Shane Ramee ([email protected])

Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Chemicals, and Biologics Co-Chairs, Jesse Trushenski ([email protected]), Jim Bowker ([email protected]), Mark Gaikowski, Jim Brackett, Scott LaPatra, Randy MacMillan, Steve Sharon, and Roy Yanong