Better Know a Hatchery

Whether fish are being raised for food, commercial or recreational stock enhancement, imperiled species restoration, or the pet trade…if it’s fish culture, we like it.

In our new web series, “Better Know a Hatchery”, we are highlighting programs and facilities representing the wide diversity of fish culture operations.

Do you work for a fish farm, hatchery, academic institution, or some other type of fish culture operation? Contact Social Media Co-Chair Carlin Fenn at [email protected], tell us about what you do, and let others “better know” your program!

May 2015–Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery, East Orland, Maine

April 2015–Table Rock State Fish Hatchery, Morganton, North Carolina

March 2015–Mora National Fish Hatchery, Mora, New Mexico

July 2014–Lewis River Salmon Hatchery, Woodland, Washington

May 2014–Unicorn Lake Fish Hatchery, Millington, Maryland

April 2014–Spokane Tribal Hatchery, Wellpinit, Washington

March 2014–Special Edition: Why is aquaculture important?

February 2014–Wigwam Rearing Station, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

January 2014–Dworshak National Fish Hatchery, Orofino, Idaho

December 2013–Ten Sleep State Fish Hatchery, Ten Sleep Wyoming

November 2013–Platte River State Fish Hatchery, Beulah, Michigan

October 2013–Conservation Fisheries, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

September 2013–Grace Fish Hatchery, Grace, Idaho

August 2013–Dubois Fish Hatchery, Dubois, Wyoming

July 2013–Ed Weed Fish Culture Station, Grand Isle, Vermont

June 2013–Little Port Walter Marine Station, Sitka, Alaska

May 2013–Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery, Mattawan, Michigan

April 2013–The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, University of Southern Mississippi, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

March 2013–Florida Bass Conservation Center at Richloam State Fish Hatchery, Webster, Florida

February 2013–Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery Complex, Juliaetta, Idaho

January 2013–John D. Parker East Texas State Fish Hatchery, Brookeland, Texas

December 2012–Charles O. Hayford State Fish Hatchery, Hackettstown, New Jersey

November 2012–Washoe Park Trout Hatchery, Anaconda, Montana

October 2012–A.E. Wood State Fish Hatchery, San Marcos, Texas

September 2012–Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Pointe Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, Bay Cliff, Wisconsin

August 2012–Mount Shasta Hatchery, Mount Shasta, California

July 2012–University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Port Aransas, Texas

June 2012–College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho

May 2012–Crystal Lakes Fisheries, Inc., Ava, Missouri

April 2012–Wild Rose State Fish Hatchery, Wild Rose, Wisconsin

March 2012–Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

February 2012–Genoa National Fish Hatchery, Genoa, Wisconsin

January 2012–Keo Fish Farm, Keo, Arkansas